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Happy New year to all our members. We hope you had a good holiday season and are rested and fit and ready to start the New Year with a bang. Sessions are now starting back to normal for all sections and we are beginning to look towards the first head races of 2018 starting with the GUBC and SUBC Heads on the 27th and 28th of January. Details of these events are not yet available but we will post on our social media channels when they are and will put out a call for entries as soon as we can.

To help us to plan for the coming season it would be good to have an idea of the interest for each of the upcoming races so please talk to the coaches of your section or to the Captain if you are planning on competing at any particular events. We will also be needing a trailer driver for each of the events we go to so if you are willing and able to volunteer for this vital role please talk to a member of the committee as soon as possible. We can only go to events if we can get the boats there and the more people able to take the trailer the better as we can share the burden around. We are very fortunate that Arnold Clark provide us with a towing vehicle when we require one but we do need some notice of when we need it and who will be driving it so we do need to plan ahead a little.

Look forward to seeing you all back down at the club soon.

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